• Why Do U.S. Visitors Choose Inbound Guest Insurance?

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    There may be many different reasons to travel to the U.S. Perhaps you are visiting for business. Or
    maybe a vacation has brought you to this popular country. Or maybe you are attending school there or
    visiting family. Regardless of the reason for your travel, it is important to find an affordable insurance
    option for your trip, with inbound guest insurance being a popular choice. Why do visitors choose this

    If you are unfamiliar with the U.S. healthcare policy, it requires that all visitors provide medical coverage
    in order to receive affordable medical care. They can still visit the doctor or a hospital if they do not
    have insurance, but the cost involved in doing so will be quite high. You may find yourself paying
    hundreds or perhaps even thousands of dollars for this type of policy.

    Therefore, a policy like the inbound guest insurance plan makes for a popular option for visitors. This
    type of plan allows visitors to get the medical treatment they need at an affordable rate. The savings

    gained from a plan like this can add up quickly, which is one reason it is so popular.

    Additionally, these plans are easy to purchase. With a simple search online, you can find a plan, request
    a quote, and even make a purchase. With less than an hour spent online, you can get the necessary level
    of coverage at a low price, enabling you to travel with peace of mind that your physical and financial
    health will be protected.

  • Trust Inbound Guest Insurance in a Variety of Instances

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    The United States continues to be one of the world’s most popular international travel destinations.
    Travelers the world over choose the U.S. for vacations, thanks to its beaches, theme parks, sports
    events, and many other activity options. And for businesspeople, the country remains a hub for
    professional activity, especially in cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. If you are planning to
    visit the United States from another country, make sure that an inbound guest insurance policy is in your
    plans, as this simple investment will help you in a variety of situations.

    When will an inbound guest insurance policy cover you? Imagine that you find yourself involved in an
    auto accident and need emergency treatment. Your ambulance ride will be covered by insurance. If
    you need x-rays to check out any potential broken bones, that will be covered as well. You may also
    need prescription drugs upon discharge from the hospital to help manage the pain. Those will also be
    included under your plan.

    Perhaps whatever lands you in the hospital isn’t something that allows for a fast discharge. What if you
    are stuck there for weeks because of something major? Without insurance, long-term hospital stays can
    be financially devastating. But with this type of insurance, you need not worry about it. That includes
    your room and board in the hospital, as well as medications you may be administered and care from
    doctors and nurses.

    In the most extreme examples, you may even need to be sent home for treatment. In that case, your
    emergency medical evacuation needs will be covered. Or if the unthinkable happens and you die,
    the costs of the repatriation of your remains will be absorbed by the policy. As you see, this type of
    insurance truly offers a wide variety of protection.

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